Tax adviser office Manfred Vieten
Vieten Unterberg PartGes.

Dear Clients,

We are very pleased to have been able to acquire the tax consulting office of Manfred Vieten, Tax Consultant, Sworn Auditor in Düsseldorf-Wersten, as well as the business operations of Vieten Unterberg Partnerschaftsgesellschaft, Tax Consultants as of 1 June 2019.

Mr Vieten has advised his clients in an exemplary manner and with great commitment over the past 30 years. We, the consultants and the team of Gilz Reisen & Partner, Tax Consultants • Auditors, also uphold the same high standards.

With the transfer of his tax office, Mr Vieten has set the course for a successful continuation of his professional achievements. He was very concerned that both his long-standing employees and his loyal clients would remain in good hands after his retirement. The fact that Mr Vieten entrusts his employees and clients to us is both a source of satisfaction and an impetus to continued effort.

We are therefore pleased to be able to continue to advise the clients of the previous Vieten Tax Consultancy and the Manfred Vieten & Fred Unterberg Partnership with a strengthened team.

All employees of our colleague Manfred Vieten were gladly taken over by Gilz Reisen & Partner and will continue to work for you with the same commitment as ever. All client relationships can therefore be continued in the proven manner.

Mr Manfred Vieten will be guiding us – the new colleagues of Gilz Reisen & Partner – very carefully into the mandates so that a smooth transition is guaranteed. What’s more, he will be available to clients as a contact person until further notice.

Mr Vieten remains closely associated with our firm as a freelance Of-Counsel Partner and can still be reached via the familiar telephone number and address. We look forward to a successful cooperation with you, the valued clients of the Vieten Tax Consultancy and the Vieten Unterberg Partnership.